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Otitis Media
Ventilation Tubes
Otitis Externa
Hearing Loss
Facial Palsy
Overview of Nasal Sprays
Allergic Rhinitis
Nasal Trauma
Sore Throat
Peritonsillar Abscess
TMJ Dysfunction
Salivary Gland Swellings

Neck Mass
Oral Cancer
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Audiology—the study of hearing, including hearing tests and dizziness tests
Otitis Media—fluid or infection in the middle ear which is behind the ear drum
Ventilation tubes—to be defined later
Cerumen—ear wax
Tinnitus— ringing or humming sounds in the ear that are illusions
Hearing loss—partial or complete inability to hear
Vertigo—the sensation of spinning or unsteadiness which can include imbalance
Facial Palsy—paralysis of one side of the face which causes a droop
Allergic rhinitis—a reaction of the immune system to pollens, dust and other particles that cause sneezing, itching, water eyes, runny nose and nasal congestion
Sinusitis—an infection of the nasal sinuses
Epistaxis—nose bleed
Nasal trauma—injury to the nose which can involve a nasal fracture or deviated septum
Sore throat—Pain in the throat which can be caused from infection, allergies or acid reflux
Peritonsillar abscess—a growing pocket of pus arising from a uncontrolled tonsil infection
Tonsillectomy—a surgical operation that removes the tonsils in the back of the throat
Hoarseness—any change or loss of voice
TMJ Dysfunction—any derangement of the jaw joint
Dysphagia—difficulty swallowing
Salivary gland swelling—any swelling of the glands in the neck that make saliva for the mouth
Croup—any infection of the throat that produces a bark-like cough
Epiglottis—a potentially life-threatening infection of the upper larynx that cause obstruction of the breathing passage
Tracheostomy—a surgical procedure that places a tube into the windpipe to aid in breathing or suctioning out the lungs
Neck mass—any swelling of the neck that can be from a tumor, enlarged lymph node or swollen gland
Oral Cancer—any cancer involving the tongue, lips, palate or areas around the teeth